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Drug and Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs-The Importance of Dual Diagnosis

By and large, when it comes to the rehab programs for substance use disorders, the best and most effective one would be that which addresses all the needs of the patient. Talking of this, we see the need for such a program that will treat any kind of mental illness or illnesses that may be showing alongside the addiction.

Actually, what has been seen from the stats has shown the fact that a good number of those who are taken in for treatment at the addiction treatment facilities as well happen to be suffering from a mental illness of some sort. The relationship between drug abuse and mental illness is such that has been found to work either way, with those who happen to be suffering from mental illnesses being the ones who abuse drugs and as well a good number of those who have been found to be addicts as well have been found to be suffering from a mental illness of some sort.

From the above, what we see as clearly is the fact that where you attempt to treat just one condition and leave the other, you will have simply set the patient up for failure with their recovery efforts. Thus, if you are really concerned about a loved one who happens to be addicted to substance abuse and as such are considering taking them in for rehabilitation, ensure that you take them in for rehabilitation from a facility that truly understands and appreciates the importance of dual diagnosis.

Talking of the link there is between the two conditions, mental illness and drug abuse, either one can come before the other. This is looking at the facts such as where a number of those who may be suffering from a mental illness of some kind often resort to the use of drugs and alcohol in their bid to self-medicate. Given the repeated use of the substances or drugs in an effort to help calm or forget about your fears and worries, there is going to be a cycle of dependence and addiction will have set in before you even know it, leaving one suffering from an addiction added to the mental illness that they were trying to deal with. And then there are those that happen the other way round in which cases one happens to start out using drugs and substances, then by and by these get out of hand which results in depression and mental illnesses of sorts often resulting from the excessive use of these substances. In a nutshell, what we see is the fact that the cases of co-occurring conditions alongside a substance use disorder are common and quite complex. Just as we have already mentioned above, for the best treatment to these conditions that can be trusted to bring results, consider a rehab facility that appreciates and uses dual diagnosis.
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