Hijabs – Different Styles of Wearing Hijabs

To the onlooker all head gear seems to look the same, in particular when you begin to generalize and stereotype all women wearing hijabs as one of a kind. However the truth cannot be farther than that. As with any other form of dressing patterns, the Hijabs have many variations and styles that are based on many factors. These include geographical region, religious sect and social status of the wearer.

The most common type of hijabs is the square ones, which are folded into a triangle and placed over the head. It is secured under the chin with the help of a pin and the ends are left to hang over the shoulders and back. The other type that is ordinarily used is known as the long hijabs. It consists of a large rectangular piece of cloth secured around the face. It is similar to the scarves worn in the western world. Both these styles are versatile and used all around the world regardless of the origin of the wearer. These are easily available in an assortment of colours, prints and fabrics which allows the user to select the one which suits their needs the best.

The most ideal

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