Quantum Coherence and Error Correction in Quantum Processors

It’s an industry shaper so the fact that it is developing quantum computers is a signal worth watching. The so-called probe stations are chambers that are cooled to extremely low temperatures and used for testing chips for defects. Those same chambers have utility in quantum computing which also requires powerful chips. As we approach peak interest rates and an end nears, investors will begin to look at quantum computing stocks again.

Quantum computing

One hope is that quantum computers could help machine-learning algorithms pick up complex tasks using fewer than the millions of examples typically used to train AI systems today. The dream algorithms of the field require an error rate of about one in a billion operations. Researchers have developed codes to correct these errors, but they require a lot of computational power to implement. In the meantime, Quantum computing experts are investigating how machines without error checking might still be useful. Quantum computers have the potential to revolutionize computation by making certain types of classically intractable problems solvable.

Superconducting Qubit Characterization

Hensinger, a physicist at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK, published a proof of principle in February for a large-scale, modular quantum computer1. His start-up company, Universal Quantum … Read More

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