New Advanced Port Wine Laser and Skin Stain Technology

New Advanced Port Wine Laser and Skin Stain Technology

Doctors recently discovered the new application Candela Gentlelase, in treating ports. These large, prominent birthmarks often appear on the face and cause difficulties, especially for younger people. The discovery that Gentlelase can be used for port treatment makes port wine stain removal treatment easier for sufferers. We are exploring new developments here!

What is Port Wine?

Port wine is actually a fairly common type of birthmark; they occur in about 0.3{c307cf1f2673a4fbcec0e12340880ed3f47a6bf55864e9b6a9cf54b7d901cc3b} to 0.5{c307cf1f2673a4fbcec0e12340880ed3f47a6bf55864e9b6a9cf54b7d901cc3b} of the entire population. If port wine stain birthmarks are not removed until around your 30s or 40s, they become nodular or bumpy. Busana Muslim Scientists aren’t sure exactly why they form, but some research suggests that there may be disruption of the blood vessels in the local area. Since they usually appear on the face, there is a fair amount of research to get rid of them safely.

How Are Port Wine Stains Usually Treated?

Stains are usually treated with a pulsed dye laser, a laser machine capable of producing very short and very intense bursts of laser energy. Reed Manning, Spa & Salon Due to the intensity of the laser, there is a longer recovery period associated with wine stain treatment compared to other types … Read More

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