VR Sports Challenge: Compete Like Never Before

Both Meta and HTC have pages featuring compatible VR-ready PCs and bundles, and both have minimum and recommended PC specs (for details, see Meta’s list and HTC’s list) for use with their systems. Both headset makers also offer tools that you can download to test whether your current PC is VR-ready. The Quest 3 has a cord-free design and convincing hand tracking, with the added option to plug it in to a PC to access more-powerful games. More than ever, technologies like AR/VR are critical as societies seek ways to advance during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as with every breakthrough technology, AR/VR has both great advantages and risks (i.e. safety risks, complex data protection questions, risks of virtual harassment, etc.).

NVIDIA CloudXR increases efficiency for designers, engineers, and artists by extending Autodesk data with streaming XR experiences. Kia Germany’s design team explores immersive, collaborative design review in VRED. VR marketing is also becoming popular for universities to create virtual campus tours of universities. Princeton, Yale, and Columbia have all tried this out as a way for more students to be able to see their campus. Marketing is becoming more and more about how companies make customers feel so utilizing the … Read More

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