VR Racing: High-Speed Thrills

The little girl, like most of her classmates and teachers, spends a good part of her day in a Meta Quest 2 headset—a set of one-pound white goggles that extends in a single band across her eyes. She wears the headset on and off for about three hours, removing it to read a book, eat a sandwich, and hot-glue some sort of tinfoil art. Her classmates are scattered across different towns, and her teachers live all over the country. In the video, the little girl doesn’t have a single in-person interaction.

The medical applications of virtual reality are myriad, and researchers continue to discover new ways to leverage the technology to augment healthcare and deliver more effective treatments for patients. It stands at the precipice of penetrating and transforming many industries, and we all stand to benefit. For patients in need of physical rehabilitation, VR has been shown to be an effective tool in treatments.

Nanchang on track to become ‘world-class virtual reality center’ – CGTN

Nanchang on track to become ‘world-class virtual reality center’.

Posted: Fri, 20 Oct 2023 05:36:57 GMT [source]

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