VR Yoga Retreat

For the Medical University of Białystok, in the regional capital, tech is at the heart of research, focusing on things like artificial intelligence, and how it can help personalise future treatments. The company says its hi-tech goggles can help cut drug development by up to three years. Poland’s Podlaskie region is rich in natural beauty, with abundant forests. But now it’s aspiring to be a kind of ‘Silicon Forest,’ through its blossoming technology and IT scene. The wooded region of Podlaskie in northeastern Poland is proving to be fertile ground for technology and innovation.

Virtual reality

By the late 1980s, the term “virtual reality” was popularized by Jaron Lanier, one of the modern pioneers of the field. VPL Research has developed several VR devices like the DataGlove, the EyePhone, the Reality Built For Two (RB2), and the AudioSphere. VPL licensed the DataGlove technology to Mattel, which used it to make the Power Glove, an early affordable VR device.

Of course, you end up accidentally bopping people on the head or throwing shipping containers through buildings. The sense of the tentacle-arms the game gives you is really fun, and the game translates really well to the Quest 2. Thoughtful storytelling, cutting edge technology, … Read More

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