Mystic Mage VR: Spellcasting Adventure

As AR technology becomes more sophisticated, reliable, and accessible, its applications become broader and more compelling. Investors see the potential for AR to become an integral part of everyday life, ranging from consumer devices like smartphones and smart glasses to industrial tools that optimize workflows and enhance productivity. Virtual reality is used in many areas of healthcare, in a variety of applications. These include medical training, for both doctors in training and students, patient treatment, medical marketing, and educating people about a disease or medical condition or process.

Alexis Souchet is a member of the AFXR – French association of all professionals of immersive technologies and their uses, and Boavizta, which evaluates the environmental impact of digital technologies across organizations. He is also a working group member at the Shift project relative to the Metaverse. Windows Mixed Reality headsets, in our experience, have less reliable tracking and less content, and worse controllers than Meta and HTC headsets. If you aren’t after the best possible headset specs and would like to spend a bit less on a PC-tethered headset, we think the Valve Index offers a great middle ground. For $1,000, you get a headset, the widely beloved Valve Index Controllers, … Read More

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