Steampunk Adventures in VR

Similar to the dizziness that many gamers experience when they first start using VR headsets, occasional wooziness among a small portion of Isness-D users was reported. Improving tactile feedback is an area where further technological advancements are needed to bridge the gap between virtual and physical realities. One potential solution to this problem was recently reported on by a team at Carnegie Mellon University.

The final course in this program will allow you to apply the material learned in the previous courses to create your own VR app. You will learn effective 3D interaction techniques to use VR applications, how to write VR applications in WebVR and Unity 3D, and what features make a VR application successful. You will also learn the required mathematics for successful VR applications and how computer graphics are rendered onto a screen. Find out everything you need to know to get started with PlayStation VR – from setting up and connecting your headset and PlayStation Camera, to how to arrange your room to get the best experience possible.

Virtual reality

With avatar image-based virtual reality, people can join the virtual environment in the form of real video as well as an avatar. One can participate in the … Read More

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