Next Generation Online Support Can Help You Go Mobile

What kind of computer should you buy then? Simple! The answer depends entirely on what your computing needs are. If you are a multimedia freak and love your computer to interact with you intuitively guessing what you want to do then you’re going to want a Mac. Some experience in programming and coding platforms will probably direct you here too, or to the Sony Vaio. If you want sheer value for money but also good reliability and computer support service, then you might consider a Dell or a Lenovo. But the simple fact remains that no matter which PC or laptop you’ve put your finger on, you are going to get it cheaper than you would have a year or two ago – Or at the same price but with twice the processing and storage wired into it. And this is because the entry price of gadgets is skydiving – for instance, Intel launched the i7 with four processors built into it but priced at the same level as the last generation microprocessor that they had built.
Processor manufacturers such as Intel find it far more profitable to integrate their latest chip sets into as many devices in order to maximize profits from their original cost of R&D. Thus we see that mobile and smart-phones are coming in-built with the same capability as notebooks or even entry level laptops. This cuts the cost of production for each chip for the OEM as well. What makes this possible is improved reliability on the hardware side (with better first party integration of components) and reliability on the software side (Windows 7 is far more reliable and fault tolerant than Windows XP or Vista even with tech support). We can see from market research that where there was no tablet market in 2008, this segment will take up nearly a quarter of the home PC consumer market before 2015.
The demand for desktops is going down while the demand for net-books and notebooks is nearly the same. This means that while users still find that laptops and palm-tops fit their needs, the desktop is becoming redundant and what are eating its share of the revenue are the tablet and the handheld devices. The demand for PCs is expected to fall from nearly half of the PC market sales to less than a fifth of that figure in the given time period. So why are internet applications, online remote support services, and tablet-like operating systems becoming more popular?
Apple has announced its intention of bringing out the OS X Lion upgrade with one that borrows interface and functionality from the iOS or iPad operating system. Similarly, Windows 8, the upgrade to the current version of Windows OS, is more on the side of Windows for Mobile. The reason why these technologies are so popular, online computer tech support being no exception, is that we now want our data and our apps everywhere and anytime. And we don’t want to lose the personalized details of it either. This is what makes remote online support a key investment when it comes to having all your devices taken care of by expert virtual technicians online itself. These services enable you to sync all your devices, media, account access, and help you to get the latest software updates for Windows, Mac, and Android all on a neat subscription package.